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Core benefits of the original Cupsolution Cup

Reusable plastic cups in 5 sizes

Cupsolution cups come in 5 different sizes:

  • 0,2l. cup (7 oz. cup)
  • 0,3l. cup (10 oz. cup)
  • 0,4l. cup (13.5 oz. cup)
  • 0,5l. cup (17 oz. cup)


Reusable Cup

The original Cupsolution Cups are reusable. They can be washed as many times as you desire – even with a printed surface, such as a logo.

Sustainable Manufacturing

The Original Cupsolution reusable cup is manufactured on high-end machinery reducing energy consumption with a staggering 53% making Cupsolution Cups the most sustainable and eco-friendly on the market.

Comes in various colors

Imagine a rainbow. That’s how many colors you have available at your disposal.
View our color chart to get an idea.

Bio-degradable option

Cupsolution offers bio-degradable materials, and we are passionate about it.
Bio-degradable plastics dissolve in nature after only one year, making it the right choice if you want to go fully green.

Industy-leading print

Cupsolution is leading the front in in-mould labeling technology.  We offer a print that never fades away – we even consult other manufacturers in the plastics industry.

Design Benefits

0,5 l Polycarbonate fresnel 3K - PS 75

Soft on the lips

The original reusable Cupsolution Cups are designed to give the user a pleasant drinking experience.
The tip of the cups are curved and smart-moulded, leaving no sharp edges.

cupsolution reusable plastic cups


The original Cupsolution cups are designed to be stackable. This is a huge benefit in terms of space requirements and handling for your reusable plastic cups.
As easy as they are to stack together – just as easy it is to separate again. This is due to our unique air-flow technology, that allows free air-flow from the base of the cup to the top. This completely eliminates vacuum and friction making the Cupsolution Cups easy to separate.

All cups red - PS - Sizes lineup red

5 Different Sizes

In the beginning Cupsolution only developed one reusable plastic cup. It quickly became apparent to us, that we had to develop more cups to satisfy the demand for a product with that truly brings quality, design and clever technology together.
Today the original Cupsolution Cup comes in 5 different sizes, to serve our costumers with a choice:

  • 0,2l. cup (7 oz. cup)
  • 0,3l. cup (10 oz. cup)
  • 0,4l. cup (13.5 oz. cup)
  • 0,5l. cup (17 oz. cup)
  • 0,75l.  (25 oz. cup)
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